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In Batman, I trust.


Skirting the edge of Gotham’s snobbish society, Catwoman used her training and razor-sharp claws to protect the weak by tearing apart the corrupt. Although living in poverty, her father refused to sell his child. Resolute, an assassin murdered him and kidnapped Selina. She excelled at her training but fled and the League marked her for death. Returning to Gotham, Kyle used her skills to defend the oppressed. The most infamous serial killer slaughtered his victims with a bloody cleaver and swarms of starving rats. Word traveled through Gotham of a “laughing butcher” who, with a smile, led unsuspecting street dwellers beneath his shop to feed his pet mice. The Dark Knight heard these tales and sought out the butcher, who fled and, in his flight, plummeted into a vat of chemicals. His face bleached and was frozen into a mad mocking grin, transforming into Joker. The World’s Greatest Detective used amazing sonic weapons to strike from the shadows in his never-ending war on crime. With the murder of his parents unsolved, Bruce Wayne uncovered a vast conspiracy responsible for their deaths and many others’. He brought the conspirators to justice by taking on the mantle of Batman but continued his lifelong quest to protect the citizens of Gotham.


Fully Functional and Driveable Truck Made of Ice

Canadian ice sculpture company called Iceculture took on an incredible challenge recently. The result is pretty much unbelievable.

Canadian Tire, a Canadian retailer, wanted to showcase just how well their batteries hold up in the cold. The best way to do that? Build an 11,000+ pound, fully functional and driveable ice truck. Every part of the truck that is not absolutely necessary for driving is made of ice.

(via gaminginyourunderwear)


Candy Chang is a Taiwanese American artist. An introvert with a background in urban planning, she explored quiet ways to reflect and share in public space. After losing someone she loved, she created Before I Die on an abandoned house in her neighborhood for people to share their personal aspirations in public space. Since then, over 400 Before I Die walls have been created in over 60 countries by passionate people around the world. Her book about the project was recently published by St. Martin’s Press.